Top Ten Television Shows of 2009

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We’re wrapping up the year 2009 here at PCL.  And there’s no more wonderful way to celebrate the year than to glamorize the way I spend way too much of my time…in front of the TV.

Without further adieu, here are PCL’s 2009 Top Ten Television Shows

10.  Californication–Oh, Hank Moody, you kill me.  No, you really do.  See, you never seem to get it together.  And it makes for compelling television.  Whether you’re watching Hank flounder amongst the concubines he’s collected, or watching Charlie and Marci duke it out over everything from the house to Rick Springfield, the show keeps you wanting more each week.

9.  Family Guy–I’d like to say that Family Guy never disappoints, but I’d be lying.  It does disappoint at times.  Frankly, in years past, Family Guy would be much higher on this list.  But being that Peter, Lois, Stewie and the gang still rank high on my DVR’s to-do list, and never fails to give me a few laughs along the way, they deserve a nod.

8.  18 Kids and Counting–This year the Duggars took so many road trips it was hard to tell if they were ever home.  My favorite was a trip to Washington DC where they all dressed up to visit the Capitol.  Too many people lack respect in that manner this days, but not the Duggars.  Of course, announcing the pregnancies of a Duggar baby and a Duggar grandchild were highlights.  Of course.

7.  Keeping Up With The Kardasians/Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami–Nothing is more preplanned and scripted than a Kardashian show.  Nevertheless, they don’t fail to bring the drama in their preplanned shenanigans. Whether it’s getting lost in the Everglades, going camping with top shelf liquor or just generally being Kardashianesque, the family always brings the idiocy that we so love and adore here at PCL.

6.  House–Greg House, M.D. finally faced his demons after one of his residents committed suicide and the ensuing battle gave us viewers a chance to explore the House psyche.  To be honest, I was worried House would lose his biting humor along the way, but the writers kept him true to form, even if he was in therapy and on meds.  The season premiere was one of the best premieres I’ve seen in a long time.

5. Modern Family–A newcomer not only to this list but to television in general, Modern Family is a hilarious romp through suburban family life.  The mockumentary style made famous by The Office is taken a step further in this comedy and given new life.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, get caught up for the new year.  You’ll thank me later.

4. Big Love–Never has a season of Big Love been so high stakes.  Someone loses their religion, someone dies on her wedding day, and Bill Hendrickson’s eldest son finally admits his undying love for his father’s third wife.  Oh yeah, and they tried to bring a fourth wife on board.  Let’s not forget that.  The tension was high every step of the way with the Hendricksons, culminating in a season finale that everyone dreamed of but no one saw coming.

3. 30 Rock–Simply put, no comedy does it better than 30 Rock.  At least not in 2009.  2009 brought us Dealbreakers, which has spawned a life of its own as another show within a show.  2009 brought us a new cast member.  But most importantly, 2009 brought the funny every damn week.  Just look at this fall’s episode where the Dealbreaker’s promos were filmed and the HD camera revealed Kenneth to be a Muppet and Jack to be a younger Alec Baldwin circa The Hunt for Red October.  I want to go there. Most definitely.

2. Lost–The writers of Lost aren’t fooling around–it’s coming to an end.  And as usual, for as many secrets that are revealed (spoiler alert: John Locke is REALLY DEAD!) there are so many more that are hinted at (Who’s the man in black?  What’s Jacob’s mission on the Island?  Why did they have to kill Juliet right when she was finally happy?).  Not only has the show given us more to think about, it’s given us reason to get excited every Wednesday for a show that’s returned to its truest form…just in time to end the journey in 2010.

1.  Dexter–No show brought it more this year than Dexter.  This year, Dexter was faced with merging the needs of his Dark Passenger with the growing needs of his growing family.  Armed with a new attitude, Dexter runs headfirst into a chilling new serial killer, Trinity, played immaculately by John Lithgow.  Trinity makes Dexter look like child’s play…and in the process makes you appreciate Dexter and Harry’s Code as opposed to a codeless and heartless Trinity.  The biggest irony of it all is that once Dexter finally disposed of Trinity and was ready to devote himself more fully to his family, he comes home to find that Trinity’s last victim was the one person he was ready to fight for in his life–Rita.  Oh the drama!  I can’t wait for Season 5.

What were your top television shows in 2009?

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