The Tenacity to Try

by kim on February 8, 2010 · 16 comments

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Much has been said about hope and the audacity of it.  While I agree with that thesis, I have a bit something more to offer.  You see, hope can only get you so far.  You have to have a little more action, as Elvis said.  And trying is the only way you’ll get there.

I thought about trying this weekend when Rocky the Dog tried to walk on his bad leg.  Being that he’s a dog, we can’t exactly explain to him what’s wrong with him and what he needs to do.  So instead of taking our much offered advice to lay down and relax, whenever we were home he was up and about, trying to be normal.  And dogs don’t hope–they’re only able to try.

I again thought about trying this weekend when we visited The Mister’s Dad.  Being in the spot that he’s in–somewhere between a diagnosis and a prognosis–there’s very little you can do other than prepare yourself mentally and physically for the challenge.  And although he hasn’t been eating much lately, when his kids visited on Saturday and Sunday, he tried.  He got up, put his own game face on, and did what he could.  Though there’s a lot more he needs to do to prepare himself for this journey, he at least tried to enjoy the moment.  Hoping wasn’t going to get him anywhere, but trying got him a weekend with his family that he won’t soon forget.

So much emphasis is put on hope that we often forget that the next step is trying.  It’s not so much that action speaks louder than words, but it’s more like words can’t get you what you need and action can.  It might be audacious to hope, but it’s tenacious to try.

Today is the day to try.  Try something new.  Try something old.  Try to get past the demons that haunt us.  Today.  Not tomorrow.  As The Beatles once said, “tomorrow may rain so I’ll follow the sun.”

We should all take time to follow the sun.

What do you need to try doing this week?

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