The Life Project-Part Two

by kim on February 11, 2010 · 13 comments

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The Life Project is a set of goals and aspirations that I may or may not achieve, but that I will strive for nevertheless.  Feel free to steal the graphic and start your own list.

The Life Project List will be updated as time goes on.  Previous items onThe Life Project Checklist can be viewed here.

11.  Learn how to make a perfect pot of coffee–not too strong, not too weak.

12.  Volunteer my services to an organization for animals.

13.  Write a memoir.

14.  Start a funny Facebook group that gains thousands of members.

15.  Walk for a cause–AIDS Walk, Breast Cancer Walk, etc.

16.  Win a karaoke contest.

17.  Own a convertible.

18.  Invent a gadget.

19.  Learn to make a wicked awesome paper airplane.

20.  Find some joy in cooking.

What’s in your Life Project?

(Feel free to steal the graphic and start your own Life Project.)

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