Muddy Waters of Change

by kim on February 25, 2010 · 31 comments

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This morning I decided to forego the extra stop at Tim Horton’s for good coffee and got a McDonald’s coffee with my Sausage McMuffin instead.  I figured it’s saving me money and time.  Why not go ahead and give it a try?

I’ll tell you why:  it’s not as good.

But isn’t that the problem with trying new things?  There’s a good chance (at least 50/50) that you’re not going to like the new way of doing things.  We get so focused on the chance that it might be good, sometimes we forget the chance that it might be bad.

I often have that problem when I buy new skin care products.  Or anything that touches my skin, actually.  I have sensitive skin and the slightest step out of the boundaries that have been artificially set up by that sensitivity will cause me to itch and cringe all day long.

But some change can be good.  I was talking to Mom last night.  She again went off on one of her “I just thought you’d be happy practicing law,” talks.  Between her and the icy road beneath my wheels as I talked to her, I was on edge.  Finally I just had enough and asked her why she’s so worried about it.  Why was she so concerned about me not being a “lawyer” anymore?  And she didn’t really have a good answer.

That’s one change that I know has been good for me.  I may not be exactly where I want to be, but I’m a helluva lot closer than I was a year ago or even six months ago.  I have a plan–a plan that I like, mind you–and I’m ready to follow through with it.  And no, Mom, going to law school doesn’t seem like wasted time.  It just seems like a step I made when I thought things were going to be different.

You see, I never thought I was going to meet “the One” (God, how I hate that term) during my first year of law school.  I never thought I’d be married at the age of 26.  I never thought I’d be wanting a family before I was 30.  But once I realized that along with the fact that I want to have quality of life, not just quantity, it seemed the traditional legal path just wasn’t for me.  Do I regret going to law school?  No.  And even if I did, what would be the point?

Sometimes trying something new is a mess.  I’m drinking some brown water that is being passed off as coffee as a result of that.  But sometimes, if we’re lucky, it’s the start of a whole new adventure.  Like I said, the chances are 50/50 no matter what you do.  But the 50% chance of good somehow outweighs it’s numerically equal counterpart when you consider the after-effects of such change. For example, I’m going to have a career I like one day.  And that means something more to me than having a traditional career path…whatever that means anymore these days.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m not going to let this McDonald’s coffee fool me once again.

What changes have been good for you? What changes have been bad for you?

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