Random Thoughts: The Not-So-Randomly Tired Edition

by kim on December 6, 2012 · 20 comments

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  • Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I had to move from the bed to the recliner last night because the discomfort of my own body was too much to handle.  Of course, all of the animals thought this meant it was some sort of play time.  Lucy the Cat was convinced that this meant it was time to knock over all kinds of–well, anything on any sort of ledge or table.  I swear Brooklyn the Dog stood a couple feet away and stared at me for a good hour.  Spencer the Cat was upset that I moved him from his spot of slumber, but at least he had the decency to go find somewhere else to be Pouty McGee.  Sorry to bother all of you with my pain and discomfort!
  • Maybe the Mayans were right about the world ending, because there was just an Eau de Pizza Hut perfume released and, honestly, I can’t think of anything to live for after that has entered the public realm.  It’s a limited edition and most likely the last purchase will be made right before the Earth implodes…or whatever is going to happen happens.
  • Being married to a super hero and comic book nerd has done nothing to make me feel better about the blatant sexism that is thriving in that particular industry.  The Hawkeye Initiative is an attempt to demonstrate that particular truth by switching out the female characters for male ones (first used with hero Hawkeye) to show that the poses, outfits and general antics of female comic book characters are really caricatures of sexist notions of women. Highly recommend!
  • If you need a reason to get your ears to bleed and your eyes scream out for the sweet release of death, may I recommend the new song by old school duo Olivia Newton John and John Travolta?  It’s a country-esque Christmas filled crap pie.  And the video features John Travolta flying a plane!  Compared to this horrid excuse for a song, Gangham Style is essentially Mozart.
  • Although I’m not big into the holiday season, I do feel the need to watch two movies: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Elf.  Those are the two best Christmas films, hands down.  Followed by Home Alone for nostalgia purposes.  But I don’t want to just catch them on TV. I want dedicated time to watch them start to finish and uncensored.
  • Speaking of elves, I have to admit that the whole Elf on the Shelf thing creeps me out to no end. I mentioned it on FB last week and think I garnered myself some side eye from parents of kids who love that creepy little fucker.  I don’t care.  He looks like he’d burn down your house and replace your contraception with tic tacs just for fun.  And who has the time for that nonsense of putting him in new situations every night?  You know what’s better than that?  Sleep.  Sleep is better.

  • I take back the thing about the Pizza Hut perfume causing the apocalypse.  Clearly it is really because of the Fifty Shades of Grey board game.  Just cancel your plans because there is no future.   I’m going to go weep now.


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