2012 A to Z

The year is wrapping up and since it wasn’t too horrible around these parts, I figured we’d revisit it before moving forward.  Yes, that means more Mackayla and more Biden.  GET OVER IT.


A…as in Admissions.  Like admitting that I’m a snob despite my lack of money and classy upbringing.

B…as in Body image.  This could be on every year’s A-Z list throughout my life.  But this year, it’s dedicated to young Julia who took on the tween/teen magazine industry and their inappropriate use of photoshop.

C…as in Capturing the moment…like the moment McKayla decided nothing was impressive.


D…as in Douglas, Gabby Douglas.  Remember that brilliant young woman who captured America’s heart?  Yeah, so do I.  And she has a couple of medals to show for it.

E…as in Her Royal Majesty  Queen Elizabeth II.  That woman was on POINT this year.


F…as in Finding someone that scares you and learning everything you can from that person.

G…as in GIFs.  My god, the GIFs were popular this year around these parts.  And for good reason…they convey so much emotion in such a compact space.  Plus, they’re hilarious.

sophia and rose shaking it


H…as in healing.  Despite moving forward at a breakneck pace, 2012 was a year of healing in many ways.  I noticed this when healing from the Never Ending Rash.  Healing is gross.  But necessary. And 2012 was full of it.

I…as in IBS and being done with trying to skirt the issue.  I’ve pooped a great many places…get over it.

J…as in Joe, Joe Biden.  AKA Sexy Beast.  Man is second in line for the most powerful job in the world and is just hitting his stride.  Plus, he used the term “malarkey” in a vice presidential debate.  How does it get any better than that?


K…as in, well, Kim.  Because K words are hard to come by.

L…as in Lamenting progress that changes how I see the world.  Like the ending of the print edition of Encyclopedia Britannica

M…as in Mars, as in Mars rover…as in we landed a freaking spaceship on Mars.  If you don’t think this is huge, then you don’t get why science is so important to our future as a society.


N…as in Never ending lists.  Some of these were caused by impending motherhood.  Some of these were caused by my addiction to Pinterest.  Either way, I have lists miles long of all the things I’d like to do.

O…as in whatever Oppan Gangham style means and wanting it to end…immediately.

P…as in Politics.  Politics are hard to escape in a presidential election year.  This year was no exception, only it continued long after the election ended.  It seems when crisis strikes and the State of Michigan goes topsy turvy and approves “right to work” (for less) legislation, the politics just keep on going.


Q…as in always Questioning the norm.

R…as in Rib…as in “how does a normal adult male break a rib while sneezing?”  Answer: Don’t know, but ask The Mister.

S…as in Songs of My Life.  I finally started chronicling these important tunes in a meaningful way here on the blog.   This is a big accomplishment since this blog started with the idea of chronicling just this type of thing and then took on a life of it’s own…a glorious life, but a life without one of the most important aspects of music to me…the meaning.


T…as in Tigers.  Remember the baseball season?  It was frustrating, but it had promise.  These days, with hockey locked out, the Pistons inconsistent as hell (and usually worse than that) and the Lions throwing away their season, I long for the days of talking about a team with so much talent.  When do pitchers and catchers report again?

U…as in Ultrasounds.  As in upwards of 30 ultrasounds this year.  Or more.  I can’t keep count anymore.  But you get plenty of them throughout the IVF process and you get plenty of them being pregnant with twins.  So a rough estimate is 30, but that might even be a bit low.  Let’s just say I know how to read an ultrasound better than any layperson should.

V…as in Visiting the greatest 80s and 90s TV theme songs.  That was a fun exercise.

W…as in Wanderlust…as in getting caught up in the tenth anniversary of my study abroad trip to France.

X…as in another year when I failed to re-watch the X-Files.

sheldon not enough chamomile tea

Y…as in YOU, the best readers and friends a girl could have who have cheered me on through the years.

Z…as in Zeitgeist, Google’s capturing of 2012 in review.  It’s a beautiful video you should all watch.


2 comments for “2012 A to Z

  1. December 31, 2012 at 11:43 am

    Happy New Year, Kim!! I love this post. 2012 had some horrible moments, but we made it.

    PS: Only 60-ish days until Spring Training.

    • kim
      January 3, 2013 at 2:28 pm

      I can’t wait to hear the crack of the bat again…cannot wait.

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