Random Thoughts


  • I left my phone in the car this morning. I hate that I’m so attached to something so insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but dammit I am.  The twenty minutes I spent looking for it got me all kinds of worked up.  It’s like when Sheldon forgot his flashdrive on The Big Bang Theory and couldn’t just let it go. 

you forgot your flash drive

  • The Mister went to the baseball game last night with my brother and after the girls were to bed and my mom went home, I had the house to myself for a couple of hours.  It was freaking spectacular.  I really lived it up.  I ate a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy, watched a DVR’d episode of Tabatha Takes Over and clipped some coupons.  This may not sound glorious to you, but it’s pretty much orgasmic to me.



  • I wanted to purchase a bunch of baby leggings from this seller on ebay primarily because she combined shipping. Well, when the auctions ended I ended up with one pair and now have to pay the full shipping on one freaking item.  That really grinds my gears and sticks in my craw.


  • Wait…there was a reunion of the Wayne’s World cast and I wasn’t invited?  Don’t they know that I know ALL of the lines from that movie as I’ve seen it at least seven thousand times? Invitation? Denied.


i mean seriously


  • Happy April 25th.

april 25

What’s on your mind today?

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