Pay It Backward

January 8, 2014

Two days before Christmas I was standing at a Little Caesar’s buying a pizza and some breadsticks for a quick dinner.  When I walked in, I noticed a man at the counter in a Vietnam veteran’s hat, paying for his order. As I placed my order and subsequently waited for it, I heard him counting […]

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Top 20 Songs of 2013

January 7, 2014

It’s that time of year…well, it’s long since past that time of year. But that’s what a cold will do to you. Let us embark down the annual trek that’s less uncomfortable than your yearly pap but not nearly as good for you…   20.  Primetime–Janelle Monae feat. Miguel First of all, if I had […]

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My Life Lately…A Tale of GIFs, Part 7

December 30, 2013

      When the end of the semester hit and students started acting all surly and I really needed a break from life… …like when I had to explain to one that there was no “make up exam” because she decided to leave for Thanksgiving three days early… …or another plagiarizing half of his […]

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The Barricades of Heaven

December 17, 2013

In it’s five and a half years of existence, this blog has had a few common themes: love, loss, the search for purpose and my relationship with the unseen universe.  It is this last topic that my mind has rested heavily on lately. The day after Thanksgiving, trapped between pancakes and two hungry babies, my […]

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It’s Not Okay

December 11, 2013

It is a minefield raising kids these days. I’ve only been doing it for (nearly) 11 months, but already I’ve felt the wrath of my own choices, held my head high when my first instinct was to duck and cover and, yes, mixed the political with personal.  One of the biggest things that I’ve been […]

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Random Thoughts

December 4, 2013

I spent the night at my parents’ house on Thanksgiving night.  Between my dad insisting he’d sleep on the couch due to his cough and my mom waking me up to tell me that I was snoring and her laying in the middle of the bed claiming she was on the edge (of the queen […]

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The Anti-Sentimental Thanksgiving List, Year Three

November 27, 2013

Now, I know I should be gushing about my amazing kids and fulfilling (even if maddening) job on here, but PCL was never meant to be a sloppy kiss from your Great Aunt…it was meant to extoll the virtues of bitching, moaning and finding pleasure in the little things.  So that’s what we’re going to […]

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Second Chances

November 20, 2013

I was leaving the lecture hall when my student–the one I had met with for fifteen minutes after class for the umpteenth time–almost broke character of sorts and asked me a very pointed question. “Why do you keep giving me second chances?” I didn’t know how to answer that at first.  There weren’t too many […]

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Open Letters Friday, Volume 120

November 15, 2013

Open Letters Friday is a segment here at PCL for your reading and writing enjoyment. I’ll share with you some of my open letters for the week and you’ll get the opportunity in comments to share yours. Now, tell me, who do you need to write to this week?  It’s been a damn while.  I […]

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Podcasts Aplenty

November 11, 2013

When I took this job, I realized that I’d have a lot of time in the car. My 30 minute (with traffic) commute jumped to at least 45-60 minutes each way.  But given the opportunity and the fact that I get some mileage, it wasn’t a deal breaker. What I have found is that this […]

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